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Method Post
Parameter UserID, Key, Product
Life Example (Simple)
Product (JSON)

Product Example (With Options)
version API version, currently 1.0
guid Unique identifier for the product
saleprice selling/offer price, this will replace price if it is not blank/zero
msrp Manufacturer's suggested retail price
costprice The cost price
saletype B = BuyNow
P = Pre-Order
E = Express Ad


To be able to use Pre-Order, your item must meet the following conditions:
1. Price and saleprice are less than RM150
2. Pre-order plugin is enabled
3. Items are to be posted in the following Lelong categories:

1273 = Baby, Kids, Mum
213 = Fashion
230 = Jewellery & Accessories
143 = Sports & Recreation
42 = Books & Comics

Express Ad

Express Ad will only be live for 60 days (duration fixed to 60), and quantity will always be 1 (quantity fixed to 1). The following fields are required:
version, title, category, price, saletype, description, image, active

category Lelong category, must be numeric. Get Lelong category number from:
Lelong category, or you can also use Category API.
storecategory Store category which you have pre-created in Lelong. Use catetory number (numeric). Get store category number from:
Store category, or you can also use Store category API.
duration How many days should your posting be live? After this number of days, the posting will be automatically ended. Use a number below:
startwhen Then date and time when should this item be lived on the store/website.

I = The post will be lived immediately. No need to supply the date and time parameters.
D = The post will only be lived by the date and time parameters you supplied (these parameters are then mandatory):

1. startdate
    In this format: yyyy/mm/dd

    yyyy: valid values 2022 - 2023
    mm: valid values 1 - 12
    dd: valid values 1 - 31

2. starttime
    In this format: hh:mm

    hh: valid values 00 - 23
    mm: valid values 00 - 59

brand This is optional. Brand for the product.
condition A = Antique
D = Demo Set
F = Faulty
N = New
O = Open Box
R = Refurbished
E = Return
X = Unknown
S = Unused
U = Used
shipwithin This sets you will ship the order within how many days. Use the following code:

1 = 1 working day (Not supported)
2 = 2 working days (Not supported)

Please note that 1, and 2 are no longer supported.


3 = 1-3 days
4 = 3-5 days
5 = 5-7 days
6 = 7-10 days

If your Netpay settlement period is 14 days or longer, then you can use the following:
7 = 10-12 days
8 = 12-15 days
9 = 16 days or longer


3 = 1-3 days
4 = 3-5 days
5 = 5-7 days
6 = 7-10 days
101 = 2 weeks
102 = 3 weeks
103 = 4 weeks
104 = 5 weeks
modelskucode This is optional. Model number, SKU or Product code.
state State in Malaysia the product is located. Acceptable values are:
Kuala Lumpur
Negeri Sembilan
location The city where the product is located. For example: Puchong, Serdang, Damansara, Muar, Johor Bahru, ...
link URL for more details
image URL to the main image for this product
image2, image3,.. image12 URL to additional images. Up to image12 only
imagedesc Description for the product, particularly as shown in the main image. Maximum 500 characters.
imagedesc2, imagedesc3,.. imagedesc12 Description for image2, image3,.. up to image12. Maximum 500 characters each.
description Description for this product. Can be any text and HTML.

Take note that :
1. To use images in the description, you have to put in full path to the images.
    Example : <img src="http://www.MYDomain.com/image/MyFirstImage.jpg" />
    Relative path like this will not work : <img src="/image/MyFirstImage.jpg" />
video Video hosted on Youtube.com
videoalign Acceptable values are:
left, center, right
active The status of this product, use the following code:
0 = close item
2 = hide item
1 = add/edit
weight Weight of product in KG, only enter numeric. Do not enter "KG"
width, length, height Measurement in centimeters, only enter numeric. Do not enter "CM".
Must enter width, length and height, if any one part of the measurement is missing, then the whole measurement will be ignored or removed.
quantity Number of units product is available for sell
shippingprice Shipping price in the following format:

whopay This is optional. This sets who should pay for the shipping price. Default value is "BP". Use the following code.
BP = Buyer pays
SP = Seller pays

If you supplied "SP", this effectively means the shipping price will be RM0 for the buyer, and system will not charge any shipping prices in the order.
excludecombineshipping This is optional. This sets if the item is to be excluded from combine shipping price calculation.
Y = Yes, exclude from combine shipping price
N = No, don't exclude
shiptolocation You are willing to ship to? Use the following code:

R = Refer to Product Info
L = Only same location
S = Only same state
P = Only Peninsular
W = Within Sarawak
B = Within Sabah
T = Within East Malaysia
M = Within Malaysia
E = Within Asean
A = Within Asia
I = International
shippingmethod Shipping method, use the following code:

P = Courier service
N = Normal post
C = Self collect
O = Others, if use "O", please follow it with the shipping method name

P, N,
N, O, Poslaju
paymentmethod Use the following code:

B = Internet banking
N = ATM / Bank in
T = Bank transfer
O = Cash on collection
Q = Cheque
C = Credit card
H = Others, if use "H" please follow it with the payment method name

N, T, C,
B, N, T, C, H, PayPal
optionsstatus Variants/options (commonly called as Color/size) status, use following code:

0 = Delete all variants/options
1 = Active
optionsdetails.status Status for the variant/option:

0 = Delete the variant/option
1 = Active

Return result
Example result expected from us
Fields explanation
result -1 = Failed, see resultdescription for the reason
0 = Success
resultdescription Further explanation on the result.