URL https://members.lelongnet.lelong.com.my/Auc/Member/Feed/feed-server.asp
Method Post
Parameter UserID, Key, Req
Req (JSON)
Notes: Update price only. This API will not add or delete any options/variants.

version API version, currently 1.0
action updateprice
optionsdetails Optional. Only supply this if you want to update the options' price. The price for the option is based on the master's price which is set in the main section. The price for the option can be more (add) or less (discount) of the master's base price.
sku, usersku If you supplied optionsdetails, for each option, you must supply either sku or usersku or both.

Return result
Example result expected from us
If you supplied optionsdetails
Fields explanation
result -1 = Failed, see resultdescription for the reason
0 = Success
resultdescription Further explanation on the result.